Finishing school

HCDC will work as an autonomous body collaborating with all the faculties and departments in the University. The Finishing School concept is to help the student know what they want on the career front, be it a job placement / higher education  / be an entrepreneur. Life skills are needed for a successful career. Students must have a purpose in life to forge ahead. One mustbe inspiring, charismatic, motivate others, and lead by example. Most schools in India do not provide personality development programs to students. Students will be helped to work on social skills. Counseling, guidance has to be delivered to enhanceself-confidence and overcome the fear factor of public speaking. Skills like Interpersonal Communication, building rapport, staying strong, knowing rights, Practice, Good Planning, Pep talk, knowing your worth, Confidence, Empathy, Conceptual thinking, self-startingability, leadership skills, being organized, time management, management, presentation are all of paramount importance for any career choices made, in fact for leading a quality life too.

The laser focus would be on making the student Learn About One's Own UniqueSelf, Work On Exceptional Communication Skills, Build A Strong Body Language, Properly Plan For Better Performance, Express Own Opinions, Be An Attentive Listener. Being a voice is being impactful, strong, and responsible. It takes a lot of churning to be shaped with a strong voice. Generating ideas and being vocal with crystal clear messaging is an art. The ability to form connections and be connected with others is something only a few have mastered over the years with grit and determination by using the best techniques for overall development. We, at HCDC, recognized the importance of the above said. Finishing school will be part of the curriculum from the firstyear onwards. Regardless of their career choices, students will be required to attend the sessions to be molded as world-class "future shapers."


Guidance for skill gap development of students. Services include but are not confined to:

  • Communication & Soft Skills
  • Personality Development
  • General Aptitude, Mock Interviews, GD, presentations, Ms. Office, Portfolio Development, Cognitive Skills.


To facilitate pre-placement training to outgoing students for a smoother transition into the Industry


  • To impart skills to the student clientele after an assessment of the skills required by the Industry and practices in respective colleges


  • Identify gaps in the college/department level initiatives in the below-mentioned areas and further strengthen the efforts
  • Engage final year/ semester students and help them prepare video resumes, conduct psychometric assessment tests, group discussions, mock interviews, polishing interview and presentation skills, aptitude tests, etc
  • Prepare industry-ready students through assessment of training needs and practical learning.
  • Assess technical skills, logical and quantitative reasoning skills periodically
  • Coordinate with Departments/ colleges and invite industry experts, subject matter specialists, etc
  • Pre-Placement Training Programs include modules on Current Affairs, General Aptitude, Technical Aptitude, Presentation Skills, Group Discussion Skills, Debate Skills, Interviews Skills & Mock Interviews, Industrial Analytics Workshops, etc.
  • Training is also proposed based on the modern techniques of psychometric testing to give scientific career counseling to students to equip them to grab the opportunities available.
  • Company-specific orientation will be conducted for students before all the placement drives


  • Utilize resources of the Departments in the University to conduct personality assessment tests, public speaking and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Utilize resources of the Journalism and Literature wingsand organize sessions for enhancing writing skills.
  • By involving PG students in these activities, a sense of belongingness develops in the students, and they come up with multiple new avenues.
  • B.Tech students will develop engaging/interactive content, tests to develop IQ / Cognitive skills training modules where the UI/ UX will be the IT team's responsibility, and the Psychology team will give the content.