Overseas Education Service Cell

The students who aspire to go for high education, be it in India / Overseas will be guided with Counselling to Standardized Test Coaching,Application (CV, SOP)  Guidance to address the quest of exploring study destinations, universities, and courses will be provided. Coaching for English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL (iBT), and PTE ,SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and will be provided.


Guidance for students who aspire to go abroad / in India for higher education. Services include but are not confined to

  • Writing transcripts & SOPs  Awareness on top global colleges with admission assistance


To provide counselling and allied services to students aspiring to pursue education overseas


  • To network with organizations like the British Council, IDP, USIS, ETS  and utilize their expertise in conducting educational fairs, etc
  • To prepare students to appear for overseas tests- TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, DUO Lingo. This may be scaled up to GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.  at a later date
  • To work towards having an educational testing service on the campus by working with the concerned agencies
  • To conduct long-term and short-term courses and conduct simulation exercises and practice tests
  • To charge students after prior intimation on the nature of additional services to be offered
  • To guide students whetting their Statements of Purpose
  • To compile a directory of certified examiners for IELTS
  • To share information on sources of funding/scholarships/ fellowships for overseas education.
  • To work towards establishing a Testing centre on campus


  • Tutorial centers / Live coaching packages material subscribed for 2022 should be stored offline.
  • Two / Three tutors to be onboarded as guest faculty for training
  • The intranet portal will be developed to register the ratings, scores, and feedback sessions. The coordinator will be responsible for this.
  • Basic subjects content tutorials can be delivered at free of cost basis, advanced content delivery can happen byregistering to online portals where aspirant students can pay from pocket at the best-negotiated price by HCDC.
  • Previous test papers and mock tests are secured in the digital library and provided on a time frame basis with login credentials.
  • A testing centre to be set up on campus or any centrally located college/institute with adequate space- fully air conditioned sound proofed with 50 computers.

Student participation

For HCDC to become self-sustainable, active participation from students is crucial. Once the students evince interest and display active participation in learning activities HCDC intends to build in-house working models for all these segments


  • UG students are expected to run/maintain Social Media pages of the campus. Reels will be made for promotional activities.
  • Tech fests and cultural fests will be organized.
  • Students are expected to network with Alumni and pull in strings.
  • Students will be guided to Google and identify potential jobs / higher education trends, and bulletin boards will beencouraged.
  • The wing will be 50% organized and run through student groups.
  • Students' coordinators will be appointed on a rotational basis and responsible for 10 other students.
  • This exercise will develop co-learning and keep up the spirit.
  • All the schemes will be incentivized to encourage students.